Abbottega Milano


Abbottegga is an one-of-a-kind market, a place to rediscover the old and healthy tradition of the small shop and taste typical Italian products and dishes, coming from Lazio, Umbria and Toscana. In the shop you can taste them and also buy what you like from the bench. In Abbottega the cooking turns into show: an open kitchen allows you to taste the creations of our chef with your eyes before even reaching your mouth.
The secrets of the kitchen used to be kept by our mom, and watching her baking the bread enhanced the pleasure of our lunch. Today, in Abbottega, we can watch those who experiment with traditional recipes and reinvent them everyday, with love and dedication. We can move from sweet to salty choices, in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, starting from breakfast, moving up to lunch and up until teatime, an Italian aperitivo, and, finally, dinner. Everything is offered at small prices, accompanied by a wide choice of wines, from a strictly Italian selection.
Moreover, practical baskets are available to shop typical Italian products, selected to cook with your friends or sweetheart, to prepare a gricia, a carbonara, an amatriciana: a special dinner to eat healthy, guided by the old, original recipes